Tuesday, January 8, 2019


The Disease is the Cryme: "Saying OspA was a vaccine when it, as a fungal endotoxin, caused the permanent AIDS-like disease, where the opportunistic herpes viruses cause all the trouble."
Or: "OspA causes the DISEASE, and they said it was a vaccine (the opposite, which is CRYME)."
The Cryme is the Disease- Saying OspA prevented the disease, when it actually caused it.
You wont hear about this from any "MD" since they are not actually trained in science or pharma. You wont hear about this from ILADS or the LDA because none of them is a scientist. And it has now been 20 years. LYMErix came out in the Spring of 1999....
In 20 years, you have *NEVER* seen an MD even *ASK* what OspA was, even though they are all supposed to be trained in basic chemistry *nomenclature,* where STRUCTURE predicts FUNCTION/ACTIVITY (the very reason chemists/bio scientists actually *speak* in structures) !!!...
20 years of discussion and debate, but you've never seen an MD say "OspA was a triacyl lipoprotein (fungal)" and there has never been a vaccine for spirochetal fungal disease (syphilis) or Tuberculosis....
There is no vaccine against MRSA (also bears fungal antigens), the biggest killer a hospital can deploy. Kills 10s of thousands of people every year. Go ahead and google that...
You cant make a vaccine out of a triacyl (fatty acids; it floats on water or is insoluble in blood) lipoprotein because such an antigen is a toxin worse than the classic endotoxin since the tolerance is not reversible and it also spreads (the tolerance) to other antigen types.
THE VERY BIGGEST CONCERNS IN MEDICINE... Hospital acquired MRSA... no one comes out and explains what the issue are. Why MRSA is such a disaster is the same reason Lyme is such a disaster. You cant make a vaccine out of a fungal antigen. They are the complete opposite of vaccines - they DESTROY immunity, rather than cause it.
Remember who the real experts are. Not "MDs." You have never seen an MD explain this. It has never been on TV. .

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