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 Solar systems
Putting solar panels on the roof of one’s home, business or school is a good way to
provide an alternative to polluting conventional power plants. However, people

with electromagnetic hypersensitivity may not even be able to enter or be around
such a building. Since some of the milder symptoms of this syndrome are
common and non-specific, such as headaches and restlessness, a person using the
building may not even know his or her symptoms are caused by the solar system.
Modern solar systems use components that radiate radio frequency
electromagnetic radiation, which can cause the symptoms. The main problem is
the inverter, which is a device that takes the electricity from the solar panels and
turns it into alternating current (AC) and puts it out on the electrical grid. The
inverter generates radio frequency radiation. The wires connected to the inverter
act as antennas, so the radiation may be picked up hundreds of feet away from the
inverter. There have been cases where a solar-electric system became a problem
for an electrically sensitive person living next door.
There may be other troublesome components in a solar system as well, especially
in systems that use batteries. These systems may use the batteries to power the
building during a power outage, though in most cases they are used when the
house is in a remote rural area where there is no electrical service.
Solar EMF Hazard 2
Today’s battery systems usually use technologies that are more efficient at
charging the batteries, but which also emit radio-frequency radiation. These
technologies are called Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM), Maximum Power Point
Tracking (MPPT) and other names.
It is easy to demonstrate that the solar system generates dirty electricity. One
method is to take a simple AM radio, set the dial at the lowest frequency and hold
the radio near the solar panels or wires. A lot of static and buzzing should be
heard, which goes away when taking the radio well away from the building.
Another method is to buy a Stetzer meter and plug it into any outlet fed by the
solar system. The instrument will probably go off the scale.
It is possible to use solar-electric systems without this radiation, but they are not
suitable for most people. One will have to do like the off-grid pioneers did in the
1970s and 1980s, using 12 volt DC electricity with no inverter, and just a simple
charge controller. There are people doing it (including this author), but it is a
significant lifestyle change. Hopefully future generations of inverter design will
be better, though it will be very difficult to fully remove this radiation.
For ultra-low EMF solar systems, see

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