Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Lyme and Ospas YOU GOT SCREWED

OSPAS is Lyme, the Lymrix vaccine proves this as it was OSPA in the vaccine with no spirochetes, only their outer surface proteins OPSA= Pams3 or simply a fungal antigen that gave the vaccinated the same disease as Nero Lyme. Alan Steere and the CDC therefore needed to change the Lyme (FORMERLY RELAPSING FEVER) test to exclude the OSPAS to change their 15% positive test rate (as a consensus at Dearborn) to around 85%. positive rate to gain approval for their testing and vaccine. Only those (NOW ACCORDING TO THEIR NEW TEST) with a bad knee had Lyme by this fraudulent method still in use today. With Nero Lyme you are immune suppressed, the worst case possible, this means your test show little as they are all based on antigen responses. With OSPA = immune suppression = little response = the sickest of all you show little response on design to pass a vaccine for profit. It.s just that simple. So using the fraudulent CDCS method of testing 15% of the Lyme population get the Arthritic Knee symptoms or 300,000 by their count.
85% of the Lyme population get the Nuero-Lyme symptoms we are not counted or around 2,000,000 and half of those will become disabled.
(1% to 2% of the population get both).

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