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Imagine What it Feels Like to Walk Among the Living Dead

The Tale of the Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Gulf War Illness or Lyme disease (Tick bite post-sepsis) Warrior: Imagine What it Feels Like to Walk Amongst the Living Dead

Imagine one day getting what feels like the flu that never seems to end. Days and weeks (or months, years, decades) go by, but this damn flu never seems to go away. You find yourself at the doctors frequently. Each visit, they take blood tests and tell you you’re fine.
After a while, you even doubt yourself. You do what you can to dust yourself off and keep going. Problem is, your joints, bones, and entire body hurt so bad that you can barely even think or function. The brain keeps fighting to disassociate from the pain making you appear slow and stupid.
Then, finally, after a couple months of straight suffering, you seem to feel better. This is good news, you start to tell your friends and family that you’re finally doing better. Heck, you even apologize for being needy and complaining.
Imagine after a few weeks, your head pain and many other symptoms slowly return one by one. Except this time, they are more intense and disabling. Your full-time job becomes part time, your grades in school begin to plummet, you lose the ability to play with your children or cook dinner for them on time. More specifically, your whole life just falls apart.Your fatigue feels like you are wearing a heavy lead suit with your head in a dark cloud. You’re so exhausted that you have to sit to brush your teeth. Your bed becomes your prison cell.
Imagine as symptoms persist, and you become more ill, each doctor visit becomes more stressful. As symptoms progress, you feel that there is no way that doctors can overlook your health issues this time. After you wait for addition testing, the doctor comes back and tell you it’s nothing serious, so just go home and take some Advil and come back if it gets worse. So, you do just that, you go home and rest and plan to return if the symptoms progress.
Days go by, and now your hands and feet are swollen and burning amongst all the other symptoms. So naturally, you took the doctor’s advice and go back to tell them how your symptoms are worsening.
Subsequently, the doctor takes the same old tests and the results come back negative once again. Only for the doctor to tell you that there is no way that these symptoms are related.
Imagine years of repeating this same process over and over again. Then your doctor decides that you should see a psychiatrist because it’s most likely stress causing these symptoms. Yes, didn’t you know? Stress causes crippling fatigue, fevers, swollen glands, severe pain, burning nerves and brain fog.
Next thing you know, you’re wrongfully prescribed antidepressants, antipsychotics. Benzos, and end up taking more and more pills… But none of them ever address the underlying cause of your symptoms. Now you are an alleged hypochondriac who has Munchausen syndrome. At this point, you think to yourself that things couldn’t get worse. However, you quickly learn that you were wrong…
Imagine your doctor telling you that you’re a faker or just want attention. One by one friends stop talking to you, without a word. You spend weeks and months analyzing why these people stopped speaking to you. Why would they just abandon you? It comes to a point where if you aren’t lucky to have a loving and understanding family, you end up in what is nothing less than solitary confinement for a crime you didn’t commit.
You spend weeks, months, and years staring at your walls and ceiling feeling powerless; unable to even take care of yourself. Appallingly, many people’s families even turn on them. Family members start ignoring you and calling you a faker because the doctors say so. For people who don’t have families, homelessness becomes a reality. Since you can’t get a diagnosis, you have no access to disability benefits therefore no money to live. Sadly, this is the reality for those who have lost both their friends and their families.
Imagine that, what started as a ‘flu’ became an illness so severe that you can’t even get enough energy to walk from room to room in your house. The pain and fatigue become so severe, that all you can think about is a way to stop it.
Imagine if you were pregnant while this happened, and this so called hypochondriac illness gets passed on to your child. Just when you thought things can’t get worse, you have to watch your child get treated the same way you have been treated. Mothers of these children can often be diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, and often may lose custody of their children. Meanwhile, these mothers get scrutinized for being too sick to even be there to meet their children’s needs. Not only have their lives fallen apart, they have to watch their children helplessly follow down the same path. Not only are you sick, but now you are victims of medical abuse which causes you to lose faith in all doctors. If anything, because of malpractice and negligence, doctors actually become a key hazard to both parents and their children. In the end, you (and your children) are now sick, dying and have been so isolated from society that it’s like living in solitary confinement.
I bet at this point of the blog, you’re expecting me to finally admit this is in fact my own personal story. However, this is story is more common than you think. This is OUR story. After years of trying to find a diagnosis, many of us end up being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Gulf War Illness or Lyme disease (Tick bite post-sepsis). All different categories that the mainstream medical has made up for what is really most likely Post-Sepsis Syndrome.
No matter what diagnosis, each of these groups of people had to face multiple years of medical abuse, loss of family and friends, and/or watched their children go through the same. One thing we all have in common, we are the walking dead.
The problem with having these diagnosis or labels is that it actually undermines how sick these people really are. These people have B-Cell AIDS (Post Sepsis Syndrome). More specifically, this means post-sepsis has an AIDS like outcome where sufferers are no longer able to fight infections of any kind. This eventually leads to endotoxin tolerance. As a result, people who experience endotoxin tolerance develop immunoparalysis.
In the charge sheets, TruthCures describes the common mechanisms for fungal-induced immunosuppression, known at the National Institution of Health as “Post-Sepsis Syndrome”. They report that such immunosuppression leads to chronic reactivation of several viruses including Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and HHV-6, which can lead to opportunistic infections.
Thus, Post-sepsis syndrome (i.e. Fibro, ME, CFS, CLD, GWI) is a neurologic B cell – AIDS like disease. In the end, it is important for readers to understand that the disease mechanisms are demonstrated through a massive collection of published scientific research and publication documents.
Imagine how scary it is to learn this. It may take a long time to accept that this is our reality. Numerous treatments might only work temporarily. Many get hustled by snake-oil doctors who promised a cure.
The scientific evidence of the disease mechanism (250 pages at TruthCures.org) explain how there are different paths that all lead to post-sepsis syndrome.
If you ignore scientific fact, you’re cheating yourself out of ever fighting for a real FDA approved treatment. By now, you’re probably asking why isn’t mainstream medical acknowledging that we all have post-sepsis then? That is because the whole reason that post-sepsis/B-Cell aids is not recognized as a class of illnesses is because these mechanisms PARALLEL what is happening in the failed pediatric vaccines where the kids get the live, reactivated viruses like the MMRs from the vaccines.
Imagine how horrifying this is, it is not the worst part of all it. What if I told you, that the reason we are abused and left to die is because the most common link between people who are suffering from FM, ME, CFS, GWI, and CLD have in common is that they are victims of a prosecutable crime?
This next part may seem a bit complicated…. But it is the golden egg that will lead us to getting an FDA approved treatment. Yes, no more band aid treatments that don’t work long term. No more brief remissions to only fall sick again. And finally, no more paying out of pocket for bogus treatments. Understanding this crime, and what you can do about it is our ticket to the freedom of not being called lazy, crazy, or a hypochondriac any longer.
The Lyme Cryme
Understanding the “Lyme Cryme” can make it easier for people to understand why the IDSA/CDC/ALDF have not only halted any further research on the true Lyme disease case definition, they have also ignored an entire class of immunosuppressive diseases.
It is important to understand that spirochetes disseminate to the lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen and brain within a week of infection. Lymph node germinal centers, where B cells are supposed to mature and be assigned an immune system function, are rendered incompetent. Meanwhile, the toxic triacyl lipoproteins that are shed by spirochetes on blebs of their outer surface get to work causing tolerance and cross tolerance, AKA shutting down the immune system. There is generalized immune suppression at the same time there are brain inflammation and neurologic complications. Opportunistic infections take hold and herpesviruses reactivate.
Half the cases don’t recover fully, regardless of treatment. The outcome is cancer-like.
Raymond Dattwyler, one of the main crooks keeping everyone sick, stated that because of Lyme disease, “Natural Killer Cell activity is muted.
All that said, this is the true disease mechanism that all of us people suffering have in common. Although antibiotics and natural remedies can help people feel better from the accumulated infections that accompany Lyme disease it doesn’t fix the permanent B- Cell AIDS like outcome.
When it comes to understanding spirochetes, it is important to understand that they are their own phylum in which they shed their outer surface in a mechanism called blebbing. Thus, through “antigenic variation,” or the ability to modify their outer surface proteins (Osps), the organism causes “relapsing fever” because the host immune response must constantly address the variable antigens.
As mentioned by CDC member Allen Steere in 1988, these shed layers, or “blebs” are covered with Osps, referred to as OspA, OspB, etc.
OspA is a toxic, fungal-type (TLR2/1 agonist) antigen that causes sepsis and subsequent post-sepsis immunosuppression in 85% of the population.
In addition to Steere’s studies on Lyme disease and immunosuppression, Gary Wormser (also a member of the CDC) stated that OspA, which sheds from Borrelia Spirochetes does cause permanent immune suppression.
Therefore, Immunosuppressed individuals produce little or no borrelia antibodies, so in analytical testing you look for low antibody concentration.
If the United States Department of Justice is hesitant on trusting the science presented to them by TruthCures, why not look at the science that members of the CDC/IDSA/ALDF presented before the Dearborn conference in 1994.
Since we know now that Osp’s can cause immune suppression, what were members of the CDC/IDSA/ALDF thinking when they decided to inject a vaccine that contained OspA into people as a preventative measure against Lyme disease?
Whether you are sick from a tick bite or the LYMErix vaccine, it’s the same disease. Even the CDC criminals say so in their published research.
Both Lymerix and Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes contain OspA, the main driver of the disease. A triacyl- fungal lipoprotein that causes immunosuppression, a B-cell AIDS illness in its victim’s. Even the criminal Allen Steere himself published a study on how deformed B cells caused by OspA were later shown to be an outcome of LYMErix.
In the end, CDC officers and others who were involved in the commercialization of OspA (ALDF, Mayo Clinic, Yale’s L2 Diagnostics, Corixa, Imugen, SmithKline) knew all of this during (and likely prior to) the phase I and II trials of the OspA “vaccine” patented by Yale University (5,747,294).
CDC officer Barbara Johnson owns five patents with SmithKline, the manufacturer of LYMErix. One of her patents from 1992-93 explains that there are two distinct outcomes of OspA exposure: one being an HLA-linked (genetic) hypersensitivity, or allergic, arthritic knee response (15%), and the other being the post-sepsis immunosuppression response (85%) that patients refer to as “chronic Lyme.”
So let me get this straight, first, you have members of the CDC/IDSA/ALDF who published research on how Lyme disease shed’s Osp’s that causes immune suppression.
Then, these same scientists decide to use humans as lab rats and inject them with OspA which gave them advanced “chronic Lyme disease”.
Allen Steere, in 1992-93, published research in Europe in which he
1) developed fraudulent diagnostic testing that left out OspA and OspB despite those being highly immunogenic, primary diagnostic antigens; and
2) added an ELISA to be used as a “screening” test, to exclude the immune suppressed cases from diagnosis.
This was in direct opposition to his own 1986 research which was the basis for the original,1990 case definition, and also stated that only Western blot band 41 (flagellin) was necessary to diagnose Lyme borreliosis.
Then, in 1994 the CDC, led by Barbara Johnson, held a conference in Dearborn, Michigan, in which they changed the disease case definition to include ONLY the 15% arthritis cases who otherwise are not sick.
The diagnostic standard was changed from one that reflected the persistence of spirochetes and their variable surface antigens (few, changing antibodies based on Steere’s 1986 report), to one that reflects only the hypersensitivity response, or the production of many antibodies, using Steere’s fraudulent ELISA.
The labs that were invited to participate did not agree with the change, and reported an average accuracy rate of 15%. This “two-tier” testing protocol is still the only testing accepted by the CDC, insurance industry and medical societies, despite not meeting FDA standards for method validation (specificity, sensitivity, etc.).
In the end, this was all done so that they could make money by commercializing tick borne diseases, test kits, and vaccines. If they narrowed the case definition to only the 15% bad knee type outcome then they could say “Hey, we have an 85% effective vaccine!”.
Members of the CDC/IDSA/ALDF changed the testing because they know that their vaccine would seem effective because 85% of people with neurological Lyme disease including LYMErix victims will test negative. This makes the crime more obvious than ever because the CDC/IDSA/ALDF criminals know that patients are seronegative because OspA is pam3cys and causes immune suppression and cross tolerance in the immune system.
WE have suffered enough abuse. We have lost everything. Although it may seem scary to have permanent immunosuppression, the abuse and loss we have already faced is far worse than accepting that we have post-sepsis syndrome.
If we don’t band together and fight back, we will continue to suffer. WE will be left with the physical and/or psychological long-term effects from an AIDS-like disease. Like HIV is a T-cell virus that destroys T cells, Post-sepsis syndrome is a form of AIDS where B cells are rendered useless. The outcome is in both cases like AIDS. People who suffer with these diseases now have access to a massive collection of published scientific journal reports that prove the disease mechanisms behind all these diseases. TruthCures has the evidence to prove that post-sepsis syndrome occurs in 50% of people who have been exposed to tick bites, OspA (LYMErix), injections/sepsis events, Gulf War Illness, and exposure to mold.
It’s important to note that exposures to fungi, mold and bacteria like mycoplasma, are often key triggers in post-sepsis patients. It is because of these and other TLR2 / 1 agonist tolerance, that you get cross-tolerance to other infectious disease antigens such as TLR4 (common bacteria) or TLR7 / 9 (viral) agonist tolerance.
In simpler terms, if you ignore the science, we will never get treatment for this post-sepsis B cell AIDS like outcome. It’s time to accept the truth of the matter. The science is there…. Join our movement!

JANUARY 2, 2018

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