Friday, December 29, 2017

Japans Secret Weapons My take

         While most of my time is spent on suppressing so called Lyme disease, I find myself at times intrigued in the whys of a government or co-governments that would create such a horrific bio-weapon.

      Trying to keep this a short introduction I can only surmise the balloons that landed on the western USA from Japan (WW2) most likely were filled with bio-weapons, not the tiny bombs that killed a few family members as told to us. Simply a bio-weapons test on delivery methods.

         I write these points for you to open your mind to the evil in this world. Intellectually provoking, possibly prodding you  to investigate and enlighten yourself to save others from our own unwarranted trajectory to be cast a life taken away, maybe not technically a murder but a fate much worse. The life of DISABILITY submersed  in shame and helplessness. A life removed of the ability to achieve ones potential, to provide for ones family, to add to society, the ability to join in your child's physical and some what physiological growth due to absence of the ability to physically to be there. The Simple act of playing ball is taken away, does saying maybe tomorrow honey ring true for you. For my child this disease seems to be a disease of attrition, a plaque of sorts.

          In a few days they will auction off our home. It is a huge shock to ones physic but endured by tens of thousands. My heart ails for my young daughter she loves this home. Another being harmed by the physiological effects of a bio-weapon. A gross weapon secretly refined, willfully hidden by our governments insurmountable mound of lies, aided by multiple surrogates.  Look up McSWEEGAN, , STEERE, BARRBOUR, WORMSER and BARABRA JOHNSON
          Comprehending the thought process of an individual involved in the research of bio-warfare weapon is far above my intellectual knowledge of a devastating catastrophic environmental impact on every living creature. As a means of defense against ones nation renders the entire use of such weapons completely implausible. Implausible unless one has the ability to render the bacteria, germ, gas or what ever noneffective against ones own nation. One would need to use a form of immunization  on every living creature in and on your allies continent at the very least if indeed you intended to maintain one. My intuition tells me this is simply impossible to accomplish, not failing to mention the very real possibility of continuing the immunization or a vaccine or cleansing, what ever, forever. At first there would be the triggering of an instant ban of all trade with all uncontaminated or inoculated nations. Further more the elimination of all bird species as a safe guard. Migratory birds would need to be exterminated immediately out of fear by the uncontaminated nations etc, etc, etc. More likely all birds, air currents would transmit the weapon at the utmost speed. The later the more the insanity comes to attrition.
         These so called brilliant scientists could not for see the sheer lunacy of such endeavors. We know operation PAPER CLIP was probably nothing more than  a will give you life or you get death kinda deal for the GERMANS but what of the JAPANESE SCIENTIST, I'm betting the same. Bring me the best of the best of mass destruction and we accept you with open arms and the best facilities and unlimited funds. How could they not see the futility in such endeavors. Ft. Dietrich under the guess of a cancer research center is the home of this insanity. The home of the magic EIGHT BALL, really just a way to test their new bio-weapon aerosols.  A trailer for the documentary ( ).
          After reading the book Japans secret weapon I believe the were the first in this field of research. It's fairly well documented the Chinese and Koreans were their first targets for many years as they refined acceptable weapons. It appears the island of Hawaii was targeted before Pearl Harbor also taken from the book below. Remember the Lyme of today was first named RELAPSING FEVER.

          Imagine their over whelming astonishment at discovering they could grow spirochetes into a dense crystal then grind them into micro particles to be used as an aerosol. Then the discovery that one micro particle can regenerate to a mature spirochete. Ecstasy must have ran rapid threw the laboratory. Truly mans greatest accomplishment to date, the ultimate weapon, the world is ours.



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Scientist Admits he used Fraud to Discredit Advanced Laboratory ...

Aug 28, 2013 - Dr Sapi found that a large number of her US patient blood samples contained Borrelia which were closely matched to a Japanese strain of Borrelia garinii called HP1

      If you care to see a USA specialist McSweegan admit to it being a weapon read about it in TRUTH CURES. This organization sole purpose is to PROSECUTE THE CRIMINALS of DEARBORN a conference to alter the true diagnosis of Lyme Disease.

       I just saw this today a week after I started writing this piece




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