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I dont know how to tell a long story a short way, but umma try:
Beaux Reliosis (this is really Beaux's story to tell since she did all the research) found lots of flaws in the meningitis vaccines work (only a small number of college age people living in dormatories does this ever affect every year - I forgot the number) but the lawfirms, if you notice (and now you *will* notice), only seem to be interested in the AUTOIMMUNE or inflammatory outcomes to these bad non-vaccines.
You have seen the ads for people with this outcome from vaccines this:…/Chronic_inflammatory_demyelinati…
But go ahead and just google "meningitis and TLR2" to find the main microbial culprits are bearers of TLR2 agonists like LYMErix or the fungal antigens shed by all spirochetes.
Meanwhile, as you all also know (since I posted about it many times), Anthony Fauci owns a patent for the proposed treatment of immunosuppression from fungal antigens and specifically mentions an outcome of this is **** OPPORTUNISTIC INFECTIONS like EBV, et al!! ****
You know this. Karposi's Sarcoma comes from a herpes virus.
FAUCI: “….Illustrative of specific disease states in treatment of which the present invention can be applied are HIV infection and *** other diseases characterized by a decrease of T-cell immunity, for example, mycobacterial infections like tuberculosis and fungal infections such as cryptococcal disease. This method also can be used in the treatment of secondary infections that occur in patients with suppressed immune systems, such as the opportunistic infections that occur in AIDS patients.*** …”…/11/big-picture-and-fa…/
And here, like I said, these "Experts" talk all around the issue of fungal antigens causing aseptic meningitis but are not aware that this A-septic (septic is from bacteria, aseptic is more about chronic active viruses) meningitis, is an OUTCOME of fungal diseases due to the global immunosuppression.…/id-experts-and-asepti…/
And I mean "GLOBAL" as described here:
"These studies show that TLR2 activation by bacterial lipoproteins broadly affects endothelial function and coagulation pathways, suggesting that TLR2 activation contributes in multiple ways to endothelial activation, coagulopathy, and vascular leakage in sepsis."
So, while there would potentially be a huge number of students who got a meningitis fungal antigen vaccine and then had to drop out of school because of chronic fatigue/post-sepsis, the lawyers dont understand it. The doctors dont understand it.
Yet it is all so clear, especially from Fauci's patent, and from the outcomes of the fungal endotoxin, LYMErix. At the FDA meetings Dattwyler and Luft tried to fight the crooks the whole way and Luft mentions at one point that "a lipoprotein vaccine had never been tried before," so he was leary...
You should read those transcripts, very quoteworthy:
The very latest, the State of the Art on Lyme comes from Nicole Baumgarth who says this:
"Local complement C4 deposition on follicular dendritic cells (FDC) is significantly reduced in B. burgdorferi infected lymph nodes and this is speculated to be responsible for the premature collapse of GC responses due to diminished antigen presentation by FDCs."…/us-govts-spirochete-c…/
So, what ^^^ that means is the follicular cells are not PRESENTING antigen in their HLA molecules, because the antigens shed by Borrelia are FUNGAL or triacyl lipoproteins and that type of antigen INHIBITS antigen presentation. No antigen presented = no antibodies are made. Even Wormser says so when he talked about how OspA behaves in dogs as a vaccine. It causes immunosuppression in dogs too.
What that all means it that ***you HAVE to know what OspA is,*** and how it causes the same disease we call Chronic Lyme - it is not about spirochetes and it is NOT ABOUT "coinfections." It's like AIDS. It's like post-sepsis AIDS with the reactivated latent opportunistics like EBV, CMV, HHV-6, and more fungal and bacterial diseases that you cant fight off all leading to that profound fatigue and weakness you feel. It's all the same thing, called many names: Post-Sepsis Syndrome, Immunoparalysis, Acquired Immune Deficiency, Endotoxin Tolerance and Cross-Tolerance, etc.
Dont expect a doctor to understand it since they are all trained by BigPharma and Big Insurance to keep a lid on the worst outcomes that they either caused or do not want to pay to treat. This is not in their doctor-training books, not in a comprehensive way.
No one can talk about Lyme unless they can explain how LYMERix caused the same disease. Fauci talks about it and the so-called Experts on Aseptic Meningitis talk all around it.

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