Wednesday, October 11, 2017



Good 9 minute video as well

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  1. Ok I am fed up because my only soul that believed me also has pseudomona aeruginosa from staphyloccus aureus GRAM Neg infection. I killed a co worker one month after starting treatment (Lyme complex stage 3) I gave this F disease back to husband (I got it in 1977) My test IGG pos chlamydophila C pneumonia (staph bacteria is passed from person to person) Being on abx when tested Even with a 4 fold increase of being positive (yes I have coughing, lots of sneezing, lung pain)I was told to be wrong. acquired antithrombin 3 deficiency from staph aureuand +acute epiglottitis infection due to chronic untreated pneumonia (those results were lost in the system for 16 months) I am told I don't have any infection. I am even shedding white sticking stuff that turns yellow when drying. Several fingers in my hands even have yellow junk in it. SO all these insects (including Zika) are searching and finding the large pool of infected animals and people. Yes this staph aureus Gram Neg bacteria is found in the entire environment including plants. SO the reason it is only treated short term if lucky to get diagnosed. When treated longer it jumps to another host or more. People are also vector entities including the strong sense of smell that they gain. People are just a little smarter and are actually finding people with infection quite nauseated by it (like me). Yes people have been infecting each other for decades and as this bacteria is getting stronger you see much more symptoms including kids born with weak immune system (as already infected). My kids have it as it takes about 30 years to get more serious symptoms. Not that symptoms are not severe before but explained away such as in my case the many psych hospitalizations. SO when I saw this infectious disease Hitler/psychopath reference was made about previous psych SO millions are infected and this will keep going. More and more will and this cycle will continue. Oh yes the nice part is that there might even be a TB component but blamed on persons that have immigrated/not immunized. See this C pneumonia contamination is rampant in the Midwest. Totally no tick involved. It is spreading as wildfire and just blamed on ticks. Wake up people ticks are a result of available food source. If you just do a little research this aerogene bacteria is totally lyme with all the junks it releases and also includes being a parasite that search food based on the smell of contaminated animals (yes humans too). Parasites are great are smelling (slow) dying entities . How do I know: this is all based on my own experience/longitudinal case study/ observations of self/others and including for the first time not being attacked by mosquitoes/biting flies this last summer. Others that have this F disease were attacked like crazy (the worst I have even seen including from myself). This bacteria is getting stronger and stronger. Those chem trails are most likely attempts to control the water/soil/plants contamination. It is too late since this started in the 50's when cows were already infected so they started giving abx to animals. SO now we have resistance blamed on people using too many abx. Eating them is of course not the cause. Lyme testing was changed as soon as soon as they realized that this C pneumonia was a bacteria (and dam smart)and not a virus but it does have a tendency to act like a virus. Now you know what most diseases come from but it is blamed on lifestyle or genetics or the best one "we do not know, we need more money for research". Till the day I die I will continue to try to make a difference. I may be a little busy trying to get my dog better. I already know that the vet will not give him a gram neg abx. As he said "some things are best left alone" well for me that is wrong and ???I do not know what to call it.