Friday, September 29, 2017


Pat Smith 9/29/15
Knowing the absolute truth about my negative, fraudulent in fact, Lyme test with a football size EM rash, could have saved me and many thousands of victims of misdiagnoses, much physical, as well as total financial ruin. The truth is buried by both IDSA and ILADS. I deserved the truth. Now my wife and 10 year old daughter suffer from my meager disability check, Before a 7 figure construction company. Are home, her college, wife with no health insurance, not to ,mention the simple givens, electric, food and clothing are all day to day struggles, praying nothing goes wrong that will strip the bits we have left away. I'm simply asking for the TRUTH to be told. Avoiding the truth is a crime of omission. This omission can only benefit the actual BUMS of the criminals, the state, the college and the pharmaceutical companies involved. Should they get away with this or as I hope they are to be held accountable. I say make them pay and bring a halt to the fraud. Lyme is actually a fungal issue that suppresses the immune system is the truth. This allows latent viruses to run a muck. Relapsing Fever actually the original name of Lyme, EBV and ALS are just a few, this is the truth. The truth does matter, trust me.


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