Friday, September 22, 2017

The true story of "Lyme" disease is one of scientific fraud


There are three sides to every story. The true story of "Lyme" disease is one of scientific fraud. There are 2 million new patients a year, half of them becoming permanently disabled at some point. We need a criminal prosecution from the DOJ- not awareness, not more legislation protecting extended antibiotic therapy (malpractice, by the way), and certainly not anymore of this bullshit "research" to the tune of millions.
People are dying out there. Homeless and deprived, living like ghosts. Spirochetes are relapsing fever organisms known for 100 effing years to be permanent brain infections. They cause a leukemia-like disease so no, antibiotics don't work. Look around you. Who's getting better? Treatment fails in half the cases due to pathological changes BEFORE any treatments even take place. Think about it.
Friends and family drop out our lives like flies when people are suffering in the worst way imaginable. The VALID SCIENCE says this is like AIDS and cancer, that this disease belongs in oncology and it would take chemo (like rituximab shown to help 67% of cases) to fix it. It's a very serious neurologic disease, and last I checked no one is immune to ticks and congenital Lyme is real.
Yale has been sitting on a test that's 95% accurate for all stages of the disease and all strains. The CDC knows that this is post sepsis syndrome. Gary wormser has said so twice. Allen steere himself wrote about it being "psuedolymphoma". Klempner wrote about brain and nerve degrading enzymes found in CSF then turned around and called us all crazy. Alan Barbour and durland fish wrote about us somatizing when they knew lymerix was making people sick while the trials were already underway.
ILADS KNOWS WHAT THIS IS BECAUSE Kathleen Dickson TOLD THEM AND WROTE THE ORIGINAL KLEMPNER REBUTTAL. If the vaccine caused the same disease then what are they treating? We need to stop this madness about persistence or no persistence. It's the lipoproteins. It's the viruses. Its immunological meltdown. It's post sepsis syndrome.
ILADS doesn't care about any of us outside of filling their pockets with our money. The CDC is protecting itself from criminal prosecution. These fake non-profits aren't telling anyone the truth. TruthCures is the only entity in the entire world right now that respects you enough to tell you the truth, even if it is painful. Everyone involved in this has motive to keep things the way they are. We are our only saviors. Us, the patients, are the only ones who have any incentive at all for change.
Read the charge sheets, I will help you. Watch the free movie, a couple times probably. The science is the only thing that can vindicate and validate every single person out there suffering. Let's put the criminals in prison where they belong. RICO charges carry life sentences and even the death penalty, that's how serious this is. Color of law abuse is no joke either. It all stems back to lymerix. If you want to know what Lyme is/does then learn about how/why the vaccine failed.
So what do we do? Where do we go from here? My advice is to get on board with the truth and stop all of this other pointless nonsense. This is life or death. It's not a joke. I don't want to do this another 40 years, do you?

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