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Let's face it: Lyme disease is a risky topic for the media. You're always going to get backlash from someone; angry patients insist that "chronic Lyme" is indeed a real thing, while health professionals push the dogma that Lyme is easy to treat and those patients are just nuts.
I'm on the side of the middle: Where controversy over sick people who seek answers for a disabling condition, is a controversy that should not exist by any first-world standard. And where there is controversy, it is the responsibility of the media to delve deep enough to get to that middle--the core of an issue, where facts trump the rhetoric and the surface-exposed opinions which have become so heavily varnished onto an issue as to be broadly accepted as fact.
The recent article,…/dogs-can-be-vaccinated-agains…/ by Joanna Nix, is the perfect example of journalism not doing its job to expose the truth at the core of an issue.
Granted, it takes a bit of work--like peeling and scraping away layers of wallpaper--to fully understand the truth about Lyme disease. But the million-plus people per year who face eventual disability from the disease deserve an honest effort by the so-called independent media.
Ms. Nix's article serves no one but the oppressors.
In case nobody bothered to check, there are literally hundreds--if not thousands--of groups on Facebook where people with Lyme disease congregate as a community of last resort after being dumped by the medical establishment, trashed by the media, abandoned by family and friends, and left to fend for themselves like endangered animals.
It is the official position of the U.S. government, and all governments who follow the lead of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, that these very sick people are lying and that they actually enjoy being destitute (often homeless) and left to rot, inside-out, from their disease, with no assistance of any kind from a human who is in possession of a beating heart.
The notion that the disease is no big thing but that we simultaneously, desperately, need a vaccine for it, should be questioned as vigorously as the notion that sick people are controversial.
The fact is that the organism that causes Lyme borreliosis sheds "triacyl lipoproteins," which, put more simply, are fungal-type antigens that cause sepsis and subsequent immune paralysis, or an acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Shall I put those four words in caps so they are more easily turned into an appropriate acronym? I will leave that to the reader.
The Lyme "vaccine" of the past, LYMErix, was made with the primary fungal-type antigen that is expressed by borrelia: Outer Surface Protein A (OspA). Therefore, the "controversy" surrounding that "vaccine" was well founded but ill reported by a media who once again did not look deep enough for the proverbial Tootsie Roll Center of the Tootsie Pop. The "vaccine," being a fungal-type endotoxin, caused the immune deficiency disease it was supposed to prevent. The new vaccine candidate from Valneva that is currently in trials promises more of the same. Meanwhile, those who already are sick/dying/dead/abandoned/penniless/voiceless remain as legions of ghosts in a machine whose only purpose seems to be churning out more ghosts stamped with the label, "Proudly Made in America."
I could go on for days, but I will leave you with links to some Lyme facts that should be quite eye-opening for those who believe in maintaining an open mind. Kindly pass this along to Ms. Nix. What she should be covering is the movement taking place between the walls of controversy--the movement to expose the morsel of truth that will finally bring justice to the victims of this crime of a disease.

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