Sunday, February 12, 2017


Just so you know, I know about everyone's cognitive problems, since I have them too. I have been unable to speak. Like you tell me. Mouth and Voice no longer connected to the Brain. I know about all of it. 'Been face-stuck to the carpet. 'Been driving in a fugue state, and suddenly woke up having no idea why I was in the car or where I was - what road, or where I was going (it was sunlight so I knew it was daytime). I know ALL ABOUT all these experiences. I dont talk about them, why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE HAD THEM TOO!!! I know this.
I think people are saying these things to me because they would like to be a part of this historical event (it WILL be a different kind of lobbying, trust me), but dont feel confident about the material or that they can do this. Believe me. Me and Beaux, both of us being essentially nerdy, are not great, natural speakers. You know this.
So, I am validating your condition. You dont have to tell me, I know.
But as far as the Lyme crymes? Yes, it's complicated, but you only have to know 2 things: Chronic Lyme illness is like AIDS, or it is the opportunistics that take over. A *new* condition that is the same condition occurred in people who got the Lyme vaccine - chronic systemic illness, that is neuro too, like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The bad guys say this is an imaginary symptom set (the Triad: Cognitive/Neuro, Musculoskeletal, Chronic Fatigue/Malaise). And it was caused by the vaccine, OspA, a fungal antigen (we say in the movie it is like injecting bathroom scum, not "like" like, like REALLY like), ...
Because the bad guys knew this, that OspA caused the same "multi-system" disease, they changed the case definition and said, "Oh, No, Lyme is not a new Great Imitator, it's just a bad knee," and "patients feel fine outside their arthritis symptoms" and "seronegative Lyme is a conflict in terms because only the arthritis tests positive" - meaning only the arthritis tests positive, and hardly anyone has such a condition.
So, what do you need to know. TWO THINGS: OspA, is pam3cys and a fungal toxin, and the bad guys *knew* it by 1993 and threw those toxic cases out, and speak now only of bad knees ("Lyme disease"). It's a game. A semantics game. You dont have Lyme disease and I dont have Lyme disease. Why. We have chronic fatigue and dementia, which was excluded by the non-consensus of Dearborn.
See, the crooks WON the Semantics Game because not even any "LLMDs" or ILADs or the LDA or ANY of the non-profits understand this. Our side argues, "Yes, we have Lyme, we found spirochetes."
Why did the criminals of the ALDF perform this crime? They wanted a vaccines and test kits empire and actually used the word "enterprise" about the ALDF dot com in 1998. It was a whole new genre based on "Emerging Infectious Diseases" related to Global Pollution and is the actual name of the CDC's journal.
(CDC has a journal on new diseases caused by global pollution/warming and has had this magazine for many years. To wit, Lyme allegedly came from African Sea Birds blowing over on hurricanes, no really, they say this.)
It's not that complicated, is the point of this post. Lyme was an Imitator that caused nearly every known disease (of course, sepsis does too), ... and then it became only a bad knee because they wanted to sell a fungal toxin as a vaccine that caused the same disease.
People ask me all the time (and I ask them), what do we need to know? Two things: What is OspA such that it caused the disease the CDC staff do not want to admit to any more... and what did they do about it?
And that's what we will be lobbying about. What is OspA and what did the bad guys do about it. Steere went to Europe to falsify the testing.
Why did he go to Europe to falsify the testing and use German patients?
So no one could demand to see those results which were probably made up.

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