Monday, September 5, 2016

Just three of many, many examples above.
This is my fourth go around with KEFIR. First time a few years back with so called LYME
The last three are chronicled here.

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My latest KEFIR experiences Kefir is loaded with lactoferrin and whey. While I still like Rife and Herbs I believe kefir as well played a HUGE role in my so called lyme journey. In about 6-8 months it was an astonishing turn around. I've been using the kefir again now since about February with colostrum, and "add on's" I call them Chondroitin Sulfate, Oleic Acid, Biffido Culture. This only pertains to home made kefir as store bought is pasteurized.
February I was really going down hill from a knee transplant from May of the previous year. I get hit with vancomycin after a severe mrsa infection from a previous operation, I'm holding at 15 ops so far, half utter failures and unnecessary, but that's another book. Chatting with Mary a light came on concerning colostrum (I'm a Bottle bay from the 50's), microbes etc., and I started back with kefir, yogurt and the goodies. amazingly in a few months I'm gaining lost ground, insomnia, panic attacks leaving, bunch of other things too. The knee replacement went arie, so May 10 this year get another OP on the knee. I'm also getting steroids shots for my back as well. This is “DAMMED IF YOU DO OR DAMNED IF YOU DON"T FOR ME” , I know the consequences of both steroids and abx. So back in I go, more vancomycin and abx. It was supposed to be no big deal but was far worse than the replacement, I'm just now starting to walk. I've been thru months of immobilization and knee draining. Headed back down hill again, I'm beginning to fell the medical yo-yo effect. I will "heal you but first I need to destroy you first". Only the latter seems to be the more accurate prognosis.
So here I go again now using mainly kefir as I really crave the taste. Funny I hated milk my entire life. I guess it was a dominate microbe thing. Cravings are microbes talking to us but, yet is up to us to figure out if is a good guy or bad one, we need them all just in balance. Everything is going good, sleep returns panic disappears just like last time. Enter my next steroid shot again. Right back on my butt again. Back on the kefir and one week later sleep is half way back. Anxiety is lower by a lot. And some little things as usual.
A few things I have learned. Kefir alone is quite helpful and very well tolerated. With the colostrum and "add-ons" it is not. Over the line is an individual tested level of tolerance, starting at a tabespoon and up. Some of my over the line side effects are butterflies, stomach ache, bloat, increased bowel movements, edema and anxiety as well. I would start slow and jump up a little , i try and consume a pint a day as it is easy for me to make and use, including dogs, horse, goat's with any extra.
KEFIR is the key. It transforms the unpasteurized whole organic milk into natures gifts of giving a suppressed immune system the things a wacked out gut is incapable of manufacturing anymore. In nature it all is all started with colostrum by breast feeding. The plague of modern times and allopathic medicine. CHONDROITIN BOVINE SULFATE is a must have, I used MSM as well. It is a bit complex but is a few things that are the building blocks of macrophages and stem cells. Truly simple, Amazing, and the future of true healing and better yet the elimination of disease.
PS Kefir Recipe
Method used 1 pint Kefir 1 tbs Colostrum ADD ON'S 600 mg Chondroitin Sulfate plus 2x a day additionally 1/4 teas Biffido Culture 1 tbs Oleic Acid (in plants and oils)Take finished kefir add colostrum and bifidus culture and blend till smooth, 5-10 seconds., return kefir to jar and second ferment 12-to 24 hours in refrigerator. Swish in mouth for a few minutes at least. Drink as tolerated thru the day.

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