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   My story is much as every ones, negative testing, uneducated doctors, spending time at the shrinks office getting my ssri's and benzo of the month.  I was pretty much headed down the confirmed Parkinson's road. Then another tick and this time in an EM rash the size of a football. I head to the ER and was told I had cellulitis, which I joked to the nurse that I thought cellulite was something women hated in there thighs, released and given a script for Doxycycline for ten days. They would test and call me. Around the second day I get the call, testing is negative as usual.  Yet in the next week I'm really feeling bad, many of the same symptoms as I've experience most of my life only all at once and amplified by fifty fold. I'm no spring chicken and this is the straw that broke the camels back. I was no Lyme expert by far but I knew I was up a creek with the doctors I was stuck with. So to the internet I went and found an old Townsend Letter that immediately changed the way I decided to treat this horrific disease.  The combination of the modalities listed below is necessary IMHO. 

   It saddens me greatly that you are here and I can only pray and hope you have the luck I had with your Lyme journey. 

  Below are the things I considered the most useful. From my experience and that of others I feel I've listed would be a benefit to all. From young to old, I would only adjust the intensity of the herx. I'm certainly not a DOCTOR of any KIND. I've tried to make this as brief and to the point instead of an extremely large book. 

  I would urge you to take careful notes of any reactions you are experiencing. Knowing your body well is a great aid in your journey. I found it best to add one thing at a time, wait judge your reaction then move on to the next modality.  It's important to know what is doing what. In this way you can avoid a redo which is a costly waste of time, money and health. 

  Always keep in mind contradictions with herbs. With Rife I've found if you use the wrong frequency there is no side or ill effects but absolutely no gain in your condition. There is only one know exception for frequencies 1840,1910 which could aid in the growth of an existing tumor.  These Frequencies can easily be black listed in your device. 

    This is an update to this blog. I have written an E-BOOK  with many important links along with the Missing Link. I have a new post entitled OH MY A PROTOCOL FOR ALL that contains the use of fenbendazole. It is something I used but basically forgot about. I now have a much better understanding of it's mechanism and the importance of it's use.  I'm adding the link to the E-BOOK here,

THIS IS UPDATE       #1 9-17-16,    # 2 D-3 2-20-17

  I could write a huge book on this topic. It is by far the most IMPORTANT of all. I'm keeping it as simple as possible here and now. Feel free to research kefir and colostrum, I like PUBMED. I failed to point out it's importance in this post from 2014. Also the importance of avoiding taking D-3 supplements.  D-3 is a hormone, use only the sun, mushrooms and cod liver oil. D-3 supplements have many unwanted side effects that do way more harm than previously known.  

  OSPA etc. These are outer surface proteins carried by borrelia. These little guys are fungal antigens that cause immune suppression in your body. This allows the borrelia, bartonella etc to go undetected by your immune system. Ingenious to say the least. Unfortunately as well this also allows latent viruses, say EBV to evade what was once a functioning immune system that kept it suppressed. Our bodies are full of these various pathogens that now thanks to the outer surface proteins are set free to rear the nasty little heads on you, simply turned lose, no immune system to hold them in check. We are not all different with so called LYME but only are dealing with pathogens we all carry. My focus has been on these OSPS with Rife Technology and have received some vary encouraging feedback on their usage of the frequencies. 


Just three of many, many examples above.
This is my fourth rebuild with KEFIR. First time a few years back with so called LYME
The last three are chronicled here.

Pat Smith

My latest KEFIR experiences Kefir is loaded with lactoferrin and whey. While I still like Rife and Herbs I believe kefir as well played a HUGE role in my so called lyme journey. In about 6-8 months it was an astonishing turn around. I've been using the kefir again now since about February with colostrum, and "add on's" I call them Chondroitin Sulfate, Oleic Acid, Bifidus Culture. This only pertains to home made kefir as store bought is pasteurized.
February I was really going down hill from a knee transplant from May of the previous year. I get hit with vancomycin after a severe mrsa infection from a previous operation, I'm holding at 15 ops so far, half utter failures and unnecessary, but that's another book. Chatting with Mary a light came on concerning colostrum (I'm a Bottle bay from the 50's), microbes etc., and I started back with kefir, yogurt and the goodies. amazingly in a few months I'm gaining lost ground, insomnia, panic attacks leaving, bunch of other things too. The knee replacement went arie, so May 10 this year get another OP on the knee. I'm also getting steroids shots for my back as well. This is “DAMMED IF YOU DO OR DAMNED IF YOU DON"T FOR ME” , I know the consequences of both steroids and abx. So back in I go, more vancomycin and abx. It was supposed to be no big deal but was far worse than the replacement, I'm just now starting to walk. I've been thru months of immobilization and knee draining. Headed back down hill again, I'm beginning to feel the medical yo-yo effect. “I will heal you but they leave out the inevitable, destroy you while I’m at it part". Only the latter seems to be the more accurate prognosis.
So here I go again now using mainly kefir as I really crave the taste. Funny I hated milk my entire life. I guess it was a dominate microbe thing. Cravings are microbes talking to us but, yet is up to us to figure out if is a good guy or bad one, we need them all just in balance. Everything is going good, sleep returns panic disappears just like last time. Enter my next steroid shot again. Right back on my butt again. Back on the kefir and one week later sleep is half way back. Anxiety is lower by a lot. And some little things as usual.
Anemia is gone.
A few things I have learned. Kefir alone is quite helpful and very well tolerated. With the colostrum and "add-ons" it is not. Over the line is an individual tested level of tolerance, starting at a tablespoon and up. Some of my over the line side effects are butterflies, stomach ache, bloat, increased bowel movements, edema and anxiety as well. I would start slow and jump up a little , I try and consume a pint a day as it is easy for me to make and use, including dogs, horse, goat's with any extra.
PS Kefir Recipe
Method used 1 pint Kefir (home made) 1 tbs Colostrum
ADD ON'S 600 mg Chondroitin Sulfate plus 2x a day additionally 1/4 teas Bifidus Culture ( Can not go over 120 degrees F ) 1/8 teas Oleic Acid (in plants and oils) Add to each dose.
Take finished kefir add colostrum and bifidus culture and blend till smooth, 5-10 seconds., return kefir to jar and second ferment 12-to 24 hours in refrigerator. Swish in mouth for a few minutes at least. Drink as tolerated thru the day.

KEFIR is the key. It transforms the unpasteurized whole organic milk into natures gifts of giving a suppressed immune system the things a wacked out gut is incapable of manufacturing anymore. In nature it all is all started with colostrum by breast feeding. The plague of modern times and allopathic medicine. CHONDROITIN BOVINE SULFATE is a must have, I used MSM as well. It is a bit complex but is a few things that are the building blocks of macrophages and stem cells. Truly simple, Amazing, and the future of true healing and better yet the elimination of disease.

Things I take daily

Himalayian Sea Salt use on all food
Boron 1-2x 3 -4 times a week.
MSM 1-2x a day
Absorbic Acid 5x a day
Above Mixed in Distilled Water

Biffudus culture
Above mix in Kefir or Yogurt if in a hurry

Pyhsillum Husk daily

Lugol's Iodine 2x a week

Raw Milk is a big plus if possible.

Vit D only from the sun, this is extremely important

For me avoiding doctors and pharmaceutical medicine is so important to good health.

This song has taken on a whole new meany to me, the answers are there I just didn't look with total faith in GOD alone to guide me there and comprehend.

 Lyme and Co-infections Symptom Charts and More

I used this site in the beginning of my Lyme journey.  I printed out all the symptoms for all. It's around a hundred pages give or take. Then I went thru them with different colored highlighters. I marked them as to have, had, etc. I went thru all links from brain injury to Parkinson's I marked them as having, need investigated and ruled out. This took a bit of time but the time spent was worth more than I can say. It left me with a very clear picture of what I needed to address. With that knowledge I then searched for the best possible way to treat each one on a very limited budget. In a way it was a blessing as I used research instead of wasting time on useless protocols, herbs and vitamins. This is the link and there is a vast amount of information in it. Open all hyperlinks etc. Hope it helps. I did not use her protocol as the section on curing Lyme in 2013 was not there.


 Parasite Slides for Identification.pdf
These are often overlooked but very common with Lyme.

Treating this is extremely important. These parasites live in these protective globs of a mucus type substance. Here they are free from attack by many modalites.  
My favorites are below
GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT -I do not consider this a natural as I believe the chemicals used in processing it are the true working agents. I suggest capsules for this.
MMS (CD) This is another of my very favorites. It excels in killing pathogens, along with busting biofilm and detoxing mercury.


Sole is an unrefined salt water mix. It benefits are many from aiding in detoxing, edema to keeping are electrical system running it is essential for life. This is not white table or white sea salt as they are actually harmful.


While Vit C used in this way is useful, I found using it as a detox aid in flushing to be the most beneficial. Out bodies can only absorb about sixteen percent or so taken this way. Flushing will begin in gram dosages. For me it was around three to four grams.

 Lipsomal Vit C

Vit C taken this was is as good as it gets. Your body can absorb up to ninety plus percent. This is as good and most likely better than IV Vit C. This can be made very cheaply at home using a jewelry cleaner. We are talking high dosages in grams. I used twenty to fifty grams. I used table spoons to measure as an exact weight was not a concern in dosage for me. I just used a lot. 
Sunflower Lecithin would be my choice now as soy should be avoided. GMO free of course for all ingredients.

Cat's Claw

This is my favorite Lyme busting herb. It was used by me as a tincture and tea. At the time I could find no research as to any other form of dosing as in capsule form.
Herb; Cats Claw, uncaria tomentosa
This herb (inner bark) is an immune potentiator, anti-inflammatory, analgesic that has positive features for chronic Lyme infections that have become both immune disabling and brain central nervous system conditions.
It enhances cognitive brain functions and supports activity of the nervous system.
As immunity responses of chronic Lyme infection become impaired, certain features of blood antibody activity are noted to decline in specific categories.
Two important ones are CD57 and the natural killer NK cells.  Cats Claw helps to restore these cells for the body’s defense and this is very important.
Those who suffer neuroborelli’s brain infections will be aware of depressions.  Insomnia that frequently occurs and specific nerve symptoms ranging from slight tingles to grinding pain felt in the body in both left and right hemispheres at once in body zones.
The chronic brain fog and confusion that is sometimes experienced is very troubling for a psychological sense of well being.  Cat’s Claw can help with that problem.
It is specific to treat neurological pain that is often experienced with chronic Lyme disease.  It has a positive and supportive effect for the cognitive brain functions at the same time.
This being improved allows the mood or psychological condition to improve.  Insomnia will be less of a problem as stress declines and a normal sense of well being becomes possible again.
We do not know how Lyme type bacteria manage to selectively manipulate the body’s immune system response.  Not in such specific category as to suppress the hunter killer CD57 while other categories increase to ramp up autoimmune conditions creating major inflammatory responses.
The ability of Cats Claw to help restore the NR and CD57 antibody immune cells means immunity will be brought back to a more normal condition of defense.
This will become a major road block to prevent progression of the disease.  No antibiotic can be more effective in fighting disease than natural immune capacity.
The history of medical use for Cats Claw is mostly involved with Native Americans and people who live within the South American geography, especially primitive jungle areas.  It can be rightly termed prehistoric but eventually explorers became aware of it and for us is a new discovery.
Cats Claw is becoming an important herb in post modern alternative medical use.  With Lyme type disease treatment it has a specific feature few other things offer.  Certainly not to this degree of effective immunity restorations for special antibodies.
The ability of Cats Claw to cross the body’s blood brain barrier, like any other drug or herb used, is absolutely essential.  Its remarkable positive effects on brain and nerve tissue should not be underestimated.  Yet immune system enablement may in fact be more important.
Apart from things previously mentioned, Cats Claw is a blood cleanser and system detoxifier and tonic.  It is hypo cholesterolemic and anticoagulant, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-tumor herb.  It shows promise for cancer treatment.

NOTE:  This herb should not be used by pregnant women.  (Native women have used it to terminate unwanted pregnancy)  In large doses it can become an abortive herb.
The potential benefits of this herb should also be approached with a little caution.  This means go slow and build up dosage.

 Nerves, Tremors, Joint Pain, Cognitive Issues 
MSM, Sole, 50-B-Complex Vitamin, Special Attention To B-12 and Folate it's likely they need to be methylated to aid the gene mutation, D-3, CQ10, Magnesium Oil Transdermally, DMSO, CD

 Detox Aids
Detoxing is extremely important. It requires the same vigorous approach as the killing of these pathogens. Properly done detoxing will save as much agony as can be hoped for. Avoid this part and you are only going to pay a much heftier price. Listed below is about all of my favorites. 
MSM, DE, Taurine, Lemon Juice Concentrate in Water, Milk Thistle, Green Tea and Extract, Dandelion,  Leafy Greens Like Kale, Cabbage, Broccoli, Chard, All Raw, Lugol's Iodine, CD or High Dose Vit C, CD or Coffee Enema, Charcoal, Lugol's Iodine , Frequencies
Epsom salt baths and foot soaks with hydrogen peroxide aid in detox, pain, and overall feeling of wellness. FIR Sauna - Ozone Sauna would be a great aid if affordable.


This is best done with feet in bare earth, or on rock in the dirt.  

 Iodine as a Detox Tool

 Lugol's Iodine Health Benefits

Our soils are depleted of all minerals including Iodine. With all things there is good and not so good info. This is were countless hours of research comes in. 

This is something I can't be without. It is great at killing pathogens, biofilm and detoxing in general along with Mercury. While I do not consider it a true Natural, I consider it's actions ( simply stealing electrons from protons) extremely safe and effective. It's only residual effect is a tiny bit of salt. 

Spooky 2

  I have been  involved in this for around two years. I can only say good things about it. It can be used in contact, plasma and remote modes. Everything in the world has a frequency. Rife found out that cancer had an MOR which means a frequency that actually kills it. 

Resonance Frequency that made the 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge fall. Once we understand this we quickly think in other ways besides killing a pathogen. Our emotions would have a certain range of frequencies, like joy, anger etc. I believe the frequencies of say anger, painful emotions to be harmful. Much like a killing frequency may debilitate Lyme. The Spooky Data Base holds about all known frequencies from MOR's to Emotional Codes. While still experimenting we have Essential Oil  frequencies. So in theory if you know the frequency of say rose oil you will receive the same benefits from the frequency as the oil itself. Hope you take the time to investigate this. Wish you well

 A few tips on Rifing.
 Hydration is key for all body functions. We are basically electric so to insure all are signals are connecting are wiring needs plenty of water. I like to add Sole also. I also found that if I got no response from a so called killing frequency I was running in a few days I was better served by using another number or look for another pathogen. Healing, Emotional Codes and non killing frequencies seem to show there results more over an extended period of time and sine waves are more favorable to me. 

 Herxing (Herxheimer Reaction)
This can be your guide to about all. It is how I adjusted dosages as well as Rifing times run and found my favorite frequencies. For me it was a very reliable form of testing. My definition of a GOOD HERX is the dosage or frequency that makes me feel the worst. From my first dose of cat's claw tincture to my first run of 2016 my extreme negative responses easily confirmed my suspicions. It is important to note an allergic reaction as compared to a herx. I see this often with the use of antibiotics.    I personally have not meet a Lyme victim that did not pay a painful price to gain success. 

This is as important as anything you will do.  See below for a more in dept methods as this can't be over stated in your out come and tolerance of modalities. 

With Lyme and Co-Infections I find the Herx to be invaluable in your selection and frequencies run. In time your experience and understanding of your device will give you the ability and confidence to experiment with the many options it offers. Given below are basic settings to get you started or left as they are will work well. Spooky has become my favorite.  If you don't have a Spooky 2 the frequencies and naturals would remain the same. AS I have used other machines as well, EMEM, ZAPPERS, FREQUENCY GENERATORS and the GB 4000 with SR-4 and MOPA.

                                                        Starting out with Spooky 2

Your first screen allows to choose beginner or expert.

 Beginner Screen
Choosing beginner allows your device to use all preset options. You only need to select your pathogen from the list, double click it to install and hit start. It will run to the designated dwell time and stop. 

 Expert  Screen
Choosing this option opens a green screen to your left. This screen allows you to access many of Spooky's options. Below are listed the main controls and settings that you will be interested in to get you off to a good start. I'm leaving out the Boost Cable and the F-2 in the sake of simplicity. I feel it's best to become very familiar with Spooky before venturing into the more complex areas of use.   ON your screen you will see PROGRAM OPTIONS

 Program Options
These Options Have a Direct Effect on Your Herx
Frequency Multiplier
Repeat Every Freq 
Repeat Each Set
Repeat Program
Dwell Multiplier 
Duty Cycle 
Reduce Amplitude
Wave Form

  Wave Form   
 Square wave for all killing frequencies
 Sine wave for detox and all healing frequencies

 Under Apply 
For our purpose I would use +0.02% FEATHERING.  

 Contact Mode
For PACEMAKERS etc. it is not ADVISED
This is one of the most powerful modes of transmission.
Tens pads and hand held devices are your choices. Tens Pads are preferred for ease of use. 
Contact Mode should be incorporated in your protocol. 

 Placement Of Tens Pads
I normally stick them to the stomach side to side or one knee side to side.

Remote is another mode of transmission. It should be used in combination with contact and allows complete freedom of movement unlike contact and plasma. 
To achieve a non-stop operation of remote mode set REPEAT PROGRAM to 0. This will be dependent on your herx reaction as all options. 

In theory it should penetrate thru the actual bone and skull etc. making it possibly the best choice for a many diseases. Your movement is less restricted than contact which is desirable to many. With Lyme my herx was achieved quicker with plasma than with contact but the herx itself was quite similar. ALL THE PEOPLE IN REMISSION FROM LYME AND CO-INFECTIONS USED CONTACT MODE. 
This is a link to a plasma unit that will work with your unit. It will run frequencies up to 400,000 hz. This is ten times more powerful as any other I know of.

 FAVORITE FREQUENCIES FOR LYME AND IT"S CO-INFECTIONS     PFF- this denotes them and they need to be entered under CREATE FREQUENCY SET in the EXPERT PAGE
Under Apply---Frequencies Directly. 
These I found to give the strongest herx reaction for me.

Below some of my favorite frequencies is a set of frequencies known to be useful. The sets are run in SQUARE WAVE and 0.02% feathering. 

Lyme Freq----PFF

2016 hz

Lyme Tertiary----CALF

Lyme Eggs----CUST

Babesia Freq----PFF

 5776 hz



 Ehrlichia chaff      749.2 hz
 Ehrlichia equi:      3757.3 hz

Epstein Bar Virus Freq

 Gekke Gokker EBV (Epstein Barr Virus):   1013 hz

Bartonella Hen Freqs

 364 hz   846 hz   864 hz  6878 hz
 Bartonella Henselae----PROV 364,379,645,654,786,840,842,844,846,848,850,857,967,6878,634,696,716,1518

Toxoplasmosis Freq----PFF

 I would recommend all cat owners to experiment with this frequency.
 979 hz

Mycoplasma Freq----PFF

 529 hz  690 hz 


 880 hz   555 hz

Giardia Freq----PFF

 334 hz


Aluminum Detox----XTRA
Aluminum 1----15950 hz
Aluminum 2----554.67,597.95 hz
Detox Aluminum----15952.79 hz 

Ammonia Remove----CUST

Detox and Lymphs----CALF

1/2 Denotes a large set that is broken into two sets. They are run in their consecutive order 1 then followed by 2
Kidney 2/2----PROV

Liver Enlargement----CALF

Mercury Toxicity V----CAFL
This I would use with caution if you have a suspected high mercury level  
Raised tinnitus levels and heightened anxiety could result with over use. Especially in extended run times  

Pesticide Detox----CALF

Detox and Well Being Frequencies General----PFF
 0.5, 5, 20, 7.83, 10, 10.55, 100, 528, 10,000

Some Useful Frequencies 
 I can not point to what they hit exactly but severed me well

Hulda Clark 
 30,000 hz  7 minutes on, 21 minutes off, 7 minutes on, 21 minutes off, 7 minutes on
Square Wave, Frequency directly, 100% Positive Offset, Contact Mode Only

My Additional Comments and Thoughts on the use of Naturals in the control of Lyme and it's many co-infections. Along with common companion modalities of interest. 

 This is my attempt try to match up Naturals with their best uses. I know what it's like to have the sever neurological symptoms and the simplest things are impossible to understand so I will try to do the best I can to keep it basic. There is much overlapping of herbs as I tried to find the best bang for my limited buck. Detoxing is as  important as killing the bacteria etc.. Timing of herbs and supplements is a part of this too as CQ10 would be taken in the AM as it can keep you up by cortisol release. Charcoal needs a two hour window on each side from medications as it is a binder. Always with naturals, check for contradictions. I urge you to research each as time permits as to do so here would take thousands of pages. 

My hope in compiling this info is solely based on my desire to save someone the pain and devastation a chronic illness can bestow on the individual and their immediate family, or at least any portion of it. While I had much misdiagnosis in my life I could only feel my own guilt for not taking my health into my own hands as I came to learn the true worth of a healthy body. 

 This is a list of the Naturals I have used personally.
Samento or Cat's Claw Tincture. Grapefruit Seed Extract, Raw Garlic, Turmeric with Pepper and Olive Oil, Ginger, Cinnamon Oil, Green Tea,  Himalayan Sea Salt-Sole,   Reishi - Shiitake  Mushrooms, Moringa Leaf Powder, Oregano, Oregano Oil, Ginkgo, Hawthorn, Gaba, Japanese Knotweed, Stevia, Elderberry, DE, Lemon Balm, Olive leaf Oil, Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, Kefir, Home Made Kraut, Cassia Essential Oil , Cayenne Pepper, Milk Thistle, Magnesium Oil, K-2,  Magenese, Zinc, Biotin, B-Complex, B-12 Meth, Meth Folate, Taurine, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brazil Nuts , Lemon Water Made With Concentrate, DMSO, MSM, Activated Charcoal
Rife Type Technology For All 

 I owe much to Chlorine Dioxide (CD) or High Dose And Lipsomal Absorbic Acid but they can not be combined. Vit C  deactivates CD. They are both great at taking care of many pathogens as well as a great aid in detoxing. 

 Cat's Claw--- is one herb that would be of great benefit to anyone. It's truly a gift from nature. I have researched it much and can only find it used as a tincture or tea as a healing herb. 

 OREGANO OIL --- is another must have with this and Probiotics are essential as oregano and some others kill good gut flora. I used KEFIR. I now prefer homemade KRAUT as for it's simplicity and value.  Kefir requires me to raise goats, milk said goat, then the hum drum of straining out the curds and starting another batch each day. 

 All These Are Great For Combined Nerves, Tremors, Joint Pain, Cognitive Issues MSM, Sole, 50-B-Complex Vitamin, Special Attention To B-12 and Folate it's likely they need to be methylated to aid the gene mutation, D-3, CQ10, Magnesium Oil Transdermanly, DMSO, CD

Detox-  MSM, DE, Taurine, Lemon Juice Concentrate in Water, Milk Thistle, Green Tea and Extract, Dandelion,  Leafy Greens Like Kale, Cabbage, Brocolli, Chard, All Raw, Lugol's Iodine, CD or High Dose Vit C, CD or Coffee Enema, Charcoal, Lugol's Iodine 

 Epsom salt baths and foot soaks with hydrogen peroxide would aid in detox, pain, and overall feeling of wellness. FIR Sauna - Ozone Sauna would be a great aid if affordable.

 DIET-  Grass Feed Beef And Liver, Wild Game, Sardines, Oysters, Fish, Bacon, Pork, Nuts, Eggs, Chicken, Brazil Nuts, Hemp Oil, Raw Greens, Mixed Salads, Kale, Chard, Broccoli, Hot Peppers, and Green Vegetables, Colored Vegetables, Raw Garlic, Oinion,  Turmeric with Pepper and added Back Oive Oil, Coconut Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt,  Brazil Nuts,  Kefir, Greek Yogurt, Gouda Cheese, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon,  Shiitake  Mushrooms,   Lemon Water, Green Tea,  Stevia ,it is A green leaf powder not white crystals. Very limited fruit Especially with CANDIDA. GAPS DIET is very close to what I used

SMOOTHIES--- This is one of my favorite recipes 
 No cooking  of garlic as allicin has a very short shelf life so capsules are worthless. I do see good reports of freeze dried garlic but I personally have not used it.
 Garlic 4-6 cloves put in a Nutribullet with green leaf, kale, chard, cabbage, (using the garden for greens so it varies some) turmeric, ginger, cinnamon,pepper red and black, oregano, lemon juice,  olive leaf oil, neem oil, olive oil, coconut oil,  cocoa, sea salt, stevia, Kefir or Greek yogurt, ice, and little water.  I occasionally will add little blue berries, but not often around twice a week.
I will add my Ginkgo, Hawthorn and a few others I buy in bulk instead of putting in capsules.
  Anything green and leafy for the  base.  The spices all have great medical properties and I use Kefir or Greek yogurt for a thickening agent and taste plus ice and a bit of water if too thick..
 You can tweak it to suit your taste but it is actually good even though it sounds a bit off.  I would add sarsaparilla too as it multiplies the effect of herbs etc. by 5 fold or more.
  Saliva is the beginning of the digestive process so drink slowly.

 LYME ---  Samento or a Cat's Claw Tincture,  Grapefruit Seed Extract,  Stevia,  Rife, CD or High Dose Vit C, Oregano Oil, Wormwood, Ginger Along with the Complete Protocol.

 CANDIDA---is a huge problem for most but not hard too eliminate unless you feed it. No Sugar or Fruit. A Diet Rich in Meats, Chicken, Eggs, Nuts and Seeds, Vegetables, Lugol's Iodine,  Boron, Oil of Oregano,  Coconut Oil,  Raw Garlic, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Borax, Turpentine,  Cassia Essential Oil,  Probiotics-Kefir- Kraut, Thyme, VIT C,  Black Walnut, Burdock

 MYCOPLASMA--- D-3, Cat's Claw Tincture,   Cordyceps,  Olive Leaf Oil, Oregano Oil,Vit E, Lugols Iodine, Neem Oil,  Brazil Nuts CD, Acetyl Carnitine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and High Dose Vit C, Wormwood, Clove Oil, Ginger

 BARTONELLA--- is quite common and in my opinion the hardest to get rid of. But could be a Re-infection Problem. --- Ginkgo, Hawthorn,   Japanese Knotweed, Cordyceps, Milk Thistle, and Oregano Oil, Cat's Claw Tincture,  Cassia Essential Oil
 BABESIA --- Green Tea-Lots, Samento or Cat's Claw-Extract,  Grapefruit Seed Extract, Banderol,  Coconut Oil, Wormwood, Oil of Oregano, Clove Oil, Ginger 

 WORMS and PARASITES---Olive leaf Oil,  Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, DE, Lugol's Iodine, Essential Oil Cassia, Cloves, Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Green Walnut Hull Tincture, Tea Tree Oil, Cayenne Pepper, CD,  Wormwood.

 Panic Attacks-Insomnia-Anxiety-Fatigue - PAIN --- Gaba,  MSM, Sole, B50-Vitamin Complex, D-3, Turmeric with added Back Pepper and Olive Oil, Ginger, Cinnamon Oil, Green Tea, CQ10, Maca Powder, Taurine, Lemon Balm, Magnesium Oil, Ashwagandha, DMSO, CD,. Proper Breathing in through the nose hold and out through the mouth a couple of seconds each way. A deep Breathing Exercise.

HEAD ACHES --- Ginger and Ginkgo Biloba, DMSO, CD, Water


Nervines are herbs that specifically support the nervous system. Their effects range from tonics like Skullcap and Oat Tops, to mildly calming herbs like Catnip and Chamomile, to strongly sedative ones like Valerian and Hops. They are used to relieve nagging muscle tension and spasms, anxiety, circular thoughts, and insomnia. Some of these herbs provide multiple nervine actions, such as Skullcap which relaxes the muscles, helps calm worried thoughts, and nourishes the nervous system. Others such as Oat Tops, are not necessarily relaxing to the physical body, but help restore and support healthy nerve functioning when taken on a regular basis.
Adaptogens are another group of herbs that help us face and handle stress as it happens – although the classification is often complicated and the boundaries difficult to define. These herbs restore overall balance and strengthen the functioning of the body as a whole without impacting the balance of an individual organ or body system. Adaptogens facilitate these changes by a wide range of actions and energetics, rather than one specific action. Adaptogens can be stimulating and/or relaxing, many help improve focus, support immune system functioning, or provide some other broad-spectrum normalizing influence on unbalanced physiological processes.
By definition, the active properties of the adaptogenic herb must be safe, non-toxic, and non-habit forming, even when taken over a long period of time. When taken daily as a tea or extract, these herbs can help improve your mental functioning and allow your body to adapt more easily to stressful situations, relieving an overactive adrenal response. However, as Kiva Rose suggests, herbs should not be used to push us beyond our limits and cannot replace the benefits of good restful sleep. These herbs are of better use to our health and healing when paired with the appropriate need or used as gentle tonics.

Here’s a basic list of nervine and adaptogen herbs:
Oat Tops – Very gentle tonic herb that is nutritive to the nervous system, without a sedative action. Can help reduce fatigue and improve nerve functioning over time. Great for anyone who is overworked or relies on caffeine to get through the day.
Skullcap - Wonderfully gentle and nourishing to the nervous system. Helps relieve muscle tension and spasms, circular thoughts, nervousness, and anxiety. Can be used throughout the day during stressful situations or at night before bed to calm worried thoughts and muscle aches.
Chamomile – Classic relaxing nighttime tea, this nervine herb is also anti-inflammatory and helpful for relieving headaches, general pain, and mental stress.
Lavender - Calming herb that is often used in aromatherapy applications for its mild antidepressant action. Lovely when used in the bath, massage oils, pillows, room sprays, or body fragrance to uplift the spirit.
Lemon Balm – Sunshine in plant form, this herb helps relieve nervous exhaustion, gloom, restlessness, and insomnia with pure aromatic pleasure. Simply rubbing a leaf between your fingers and smelling the citrusy oils can elevate the mood.
Catnip – Gentle sedative for sleeplessness in children and the elderly. Helps relieve nervous headaches.
California Poppy - Used for its anti-anxiety, sedative, and analgesic properties, this plant helps promote relaxation in those seeking rest from nerve pain.
Passionflower -  This stunning plant offers anti-spasmodic power and is helpful with tension headaches, nerve pain, nervous restlessness, and insomnia.
Hops - With a distinctive flavor and action known well by beer drinkers everywhere, this plant makes a nice sedative (although the effect can be considered hypnotic), helps calm a nervous stomach, and is anti-spasmodic.
Valerian - A potent sedative herb for most people when sleep seems impossible thanks to nervous energy at night. It is reliable, but only if used occasionally – not daily. For some people, Valerian can have the opposite effect of relaxation, causing more anxiety and stimulation.  If this happens to you, Valerian is not the right herb to use.
Schisandra Berries - Improves concentration, coordination, and endurance. Chinese folklore says that Schisandra calms the heart and quiets the spirit. Stimulating to the central nervous system without excitation. Helps with insomnia and supports immunity.
Holy Basil or Tulsi - An important adaptogenic herb in India that helps restore vitality and promotes overall health and a softened reaction to stress.
Eleuthero Root – Improves mental clarity and emotional stamina during stressful situations, boosts physical endurance, helps with sleeplessness and insomnia,  and supports the immune system.
Ginseng - (Panax quinquefolius) Boosts physical strength and stamina. Improves mental alertness and memory. Good for exhaustion and sexual vitality. Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) is thought to be better suited for people older than 30 or the very weak. Used as an anti-aging tonic for the elderly.
Rhodiola - Improves the brain’s ability to analyze, evaluate, calculate, and plan. Normalizes the heart rate after exercise or a stressful event. Stimulates release of dopamine and serotonin. Strengthens immune system against bacteria, viruses, and toxins.
Reishi Mushroom – This immune system supportive mushroom is also considered to have a calming and strengthening effect on the nervous system.
Herbalist Jim McDonald has compiled a wonderful list of articles if you’d like to learn more. Read more about these diverse and helpful herbs, click here for Adaptogens and here for Nervines.

STEROIDS, SSRI'S or PAIN MEDS--- Should be avoided as they suppress the immune system.

THE GUT BRAIN CONNECTION--- This is the area of the body most often over looked. The gut controls a large percentage of our bodies functions from our immune system to a good nights sleep. It's referred to as the second brain, yet I consider it the first. 

STRESS--- This needs to be eliminated at all costs. Your health is all that really matters in life. From cars to houses to jobs all the things important to you now will have little importance when you lose the ability to function. This group of diseases, once chronic, does not get better with time. You can't avoid being over taken by it. My advice now would be to stop and take control of it as your number one mission in life. These parasites have little to do but wait for the most opportune time to unleash on us and much stress is often a key in a full fledged attack. 

HERXING--- This is a method of making one feel worse to feel better in the long run. It was my guide through this whole experience and served me well. 

FAITH--- This I found to be extremely important. Faith in our protocol, Faith in ourselves, Faith in the Divine. Without a strong belief in your ability to heal you are eliminating a very powerful allie.

PERSEVERANCE--- Lyme and it's Co's will test your very being. It is a struggle that only we can comprehend. I for one would have never believed the severity and countless symptoms that one encounters. Along with the longevity of them. But the battle will be won not in days or weeks but rather in months with the proper treatment. While many proclaim we are all different I do not feel it carries over to the bug itself. I find Faith and Perseverance the main differences to be over come. 

KNOWLEDGE--- This is key. There is much info in the files in this group. I hope you take the time to go thru them and find some good in them. While the internet was invaluable to me, it contains about 90% plus useless information. Trust your instincts and there is simply no magic cure. 

I Wish You all Well


  1. I love your blog.

    Thank you for sharing that.

    The only problem it is a bit hard to read because of the colors, dark background.

    I posted a link of your blog in a lyme forum, but lyme sufferers have trouble to read (they have visual problems, you know...).

    So I copy pasted there some parts of the information you gave, because it does seem good.

    I hope you don't mind. They were truly trying to read your blog, but couldn't, that is why I did that.

    I hope you forgive me. Otherwise, I can erase it, if you don't agree.

    Thanks a bunch for posting this all.

    I'm also lyme free, and used many of the stuff you mention. I'm also a 'frequency' lover, use NOgier frequencies, Schumann on my body, and many frequency remedies that saved my life, really.

    These were homeopathy, and now I'm on Vital Force TEchnology which are plants and stones imprinted through plasma (like Rife). Also AMAZING!!

    I hope you continue to be well!

  2. it is really important to read life stories like these to get motivated and i must say i could not have gotten any one better than this one

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