Saturday, October 26, 2013

Brain Parasites


Cat's Claw

By Pat Smith on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 4:27pm
Herb; Cats Claw, uncaria tomentosa
This herb (inner bark) is an immune potentiator, anti-inflammatory, analgesic that has positive features for chronic Lyme infections that have become both immune disabling and brain central nervous system conditions.
It enhances cognitive brain functions and supports activity of the nervous system.
As immunity responses of chronic Lyme infection become impaired, certain features of blood antibody activity are noted to decline in specific categories.
Two important ones are CD57 and the natural killer NK cells.  Cats Claw helps to restore these cells for the body’s defense and this is very important.
Those who suffer neuroborelli’s brain infections will be aware of depressions.  Insomnia that frequently occurs and specific nerve symptoms ranging from slight tingles to grinding pain felt in the body in both left and right hemispheres at once in body zones.
The chronic brain fog and confusion that is sometimes experienced is very troubling for a psychological sense of well being.  Cat’s Claw can help with that problem.
It is specific to treat neurologic pain that is often experienced with chronic Lyme disease.  It has a positive and supportive effect for the cognitive brain functions at the same time.
This being improved allows the mood or psychological condition to improve.  Insomnia will be less of a problem as stress declines and a normal sense of well being becomes possible again.
We do not know how Lyme type bacteria manage to selectively manipulate the body’s immune system response.  Not in such specific category as to suppress the hunter killer CD57 while other categories increase to ramp up autoimmune conditions creating major inflammatory responses.
The ability of Cats Claw to help restore the NR and CD57 antibody immune cells means immunity will be brought back to a more normal condition of defense.
This will become a major road block to prevent progression of the disease.  No antibiotic can be more effective in fighting disease than natural immune capacity.
The history of medical use for Cats Claw is mostly involved with Native Americans and people who live within the South American geography, especially primitive jungle areas.  It can be rightly termed prehistoric but eventually explorers became aware of it and for us is a new discovery.
Cats Claw is becoming an important herb in post modern alternative medical use.  With Lyme type disease treatment it has a specific feature few other things offer.  Certainly not to this degree of effective immunity restorations for special antibodies.
The ability of Cats Claw to cross the body’s blood brain barrier, like any other drug or herb used, is absolutely essential.  Its remarkable positive effects on brain and nerve tissue should not be underestimated.  Yet immune system enablement may in fact be more important.
Apart from things previously mentioned, Cats Claw is a blood cleanser and system detoxifier and tonic.  It is hypo cholesterolemic and anticoagulant, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-tumor herb.  It shows promise for cancer treatment.
NOTE:  This herb should not be used by pregnant women.  (Native women have used it to terminate unwanted pregnancy)  In large doses it can become an abortive herb.
The potential benefits of this herb should also be approached with a little caution.  This means go slow and build up dosage.