Saturday, September 8, 2012


     Well Rose and I decided hunting doves is not going to put much protein on the table, let alone the freezer. It' our third night and have not fired a shot nor raised the shotgun. The sky is beautiful at dusk but not a bird has been seen. Poor poncho, are oldest chocolate lab, is so excited yet there is nothing we can do but praise her for sniffing and quartering into the wind like a big time hunting dog. Yet some how I think she is figuring out there is just nothing to hunt.

       The time has come for some action Poncho,Rose and I have been standing in the same spot for at least two hours and no doves. I decide, let's load up and go scouting through the fields to reinforce that there is in fact other living creatures on the planet. 

       IT'S A BIT PAST SUNSET AS WE RIDE THE FIELDS. Every rise in the terrain brings a new breath of hope. I bet theirs something over that hill, we call out to  each other. As we crest each knoll we both rise up in or seats leaning forward as to gain an advantage on each other so as to be the first to spot the game.

      Finally we are out of knolls and gullies. I look at Rose and remember apart of the properties she has never seen. It pretty dark now but we got nothing to lose. As soon as we got to the first knoll there they where at least five white tailed deer. I am now thee master hunter. Stick with me girl I'll show you the deer. I don't care your only seven I'm fifty six and falling apart so any victory or feel good moment is celebrated. Age doesn't matter now. Competition is competition. Bring it on. Your day is coming so don't judge me till you get there.

    Since we are here I might as well show Rose where we played hockey and ice skated every winter when I was young. I'm feeling good, we saw an other living creature and it wasn't a human. So I take Rose a trip down memory lane. It's dark but you can see enough to make out the terrain and pond. Around the pond we go, just putting along, rehashing old times and low and behold we run into a gate,a locked gate, so I back up to turn around and the engine dies. No worries it shuts down all the time. Well Mr. Murphy strikes again. I try and turn the engine over and there's that overwhelming smell of gas. It's flooded with gas,-------, sorry , so I tell Rose we got one shot at this and it means staying  patient as long as we can then wait ten minutes more.

    Remaining seated, we look at the trees and bushes in the twilight. She sees a monster I find a bear. Rose sees a hand and I see a claw. Back and forth we go, till I notice we are looking in a ninety degree difference. It was hilarious, we are looking at two totally different spots,yet with each others coaching we are seeing the same thing. The power of suggestion might be at work here.

  It's hard to believe how a father and a seven year old daughter can spend an hour in the dead of night,broken down a mile from home and having a blast.  I 've  been through some bad times, well a lot of bad hard times, yet for some unexplained reason I am getting happier and more thankful by the day.

   Well back to the story. Rose asked me if I have reached my breaking point and the extra ten minute rule. I replied yeah i think I have. Get ready Rose if it starts we are not stopping till we get home. I think you can guess what happens next,RUR RUR RUR RUR RUR.

   I knew it, I knew it,I knew it, Between boats and atv's they are just going to let you down when you need them the most. Well it seems like it any way. Of course Rose chimes in ,told you we should have brought Chance. It's a good point I never had a horse let me set but have had them run off. There is nothing fool proof I guess. 

   Okaydokay it's pitch dark no light and no cell phone. As  I listen to why I should carry my cell and light with me at times like these from my seven year old daughter I realize we are going to have to hoof it out of here.

   Now I a'm bone on bone in left knee and a Lymie some people don't like the word but it fits. It just means you have Lyme disease. Now I'm  in the US and know that by old stories from Aunt Bett that the English calling an Irishman a Lymie is not good ,I forget why, but that could be another story.

   So away we go taking the shotgun,two drinks and poncho. First thing we are in a gully which means there is a hill, no matter which way you chose, its a fifty,fifty chance of climbing a hill. Bingo we get the hill.

  Up the hill we go, thank the heavens I did put on my leg brace, yet after only a few steps I feel as though there is no way I'm going to do it. I tell Rose to keep me going for if I stop it might be impossible to start again. I tell her she needs to be my trainer and keep me going. She is a sweet heart. Okay daddy you can take a brake here if you want, I'm tired too. Yet in my mind I now I just got to continue on. Finally we see the lights of home we are both celebrating now. We are almost there. Upon nearing our house I think of Poncho we have a busy highway to cross and no lead rope. I tell Rose and within a second or two she says daddy I have two shirts on. It didn't cross my mind but she took one shirt off and tied the one sleeve to fasten to the collar and the other sleeve made the lead. Rose gust spun the shirt around and made a rope.

   Now poncho is on a lead its safe to cross the road. Home at last. Now my mind goes from Great Hunter To one Proud Papa.  I diffinitly like the Papa role much better.

  Stickerbow and the Rose        
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And remember there is joy and humor in your life, even though you might need to look for it. !!!!!!!!

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