Wednesday, September 5, 2012


     Here it is the 1st of September and the spinach,turnips and kale seed are laying on the kitchen table. With Lyme and arthritis it's hard to get your body moving. You can talk your head into it but the body just refuses to follow.

     This late in the game we are betting on a mild fall. Rose talked me into a pound of sweet Sugar Ann Peas against my better judgement but she usually proves me wrong so I'm spending the four bucks. Gardening and farming are basically a gamble anyway so what the hay.

     We just got to plant today no excuses . We have a blue moon. Wife did the tilling. Now it's up to Rose and I to sow are winter greens. And with a lot of luck we will have turnips and sugar peas to go with it. The peas we will sow about an inch and the rest of seeds we will mix and broadcast. It makes a great ground cover and can be done in minutes. Due to their rapid growth they will nick the weeds. That is if all goes as planned. The chard is still going strong from the spring planting. If it gets to high we just mow it off and back it comes. It's truly a wonderful green.

    Everyone has a job and a role to play on our little place. Chance will be are fertilizer source. Good old manure tea. Plants just love it. If I had a scone I might try a cup myself. Just kidding. The Queen  ( ie wife ) was born in England so just gotta throw that in there.  She'll never read this anyway. I hope!!!

   Well after are a home grown breakfast, an omelet with green and banana peppers off we go to the garden.

Turnips Patch  9-1

Turnips 9-20

Swiss Chard With Sweet Anne Peas To The Right

Peas 9-20


Kale 9-20

Chicken House
    Have to give a big thank you to the chickens and Willy May the family pet chicken who lives outside the coop.

    The old weather has are backs against the wall, if we don't get rain before we're done I'll be amazed.  It's sprinkled twice already but we just got to move faster, now or never. Everyday counts now and not to are favor.

   Does anyone know a guy named Murphy? He might be a great guy but we would appreciate him visiting someone else once and a while. Especially today.

   Rose soaked the peas over night to give them a few days jump start on germination. I grabbed the planter and found out none of the seed plates were to be found. The only plate we had was for small peas but because of the overnight soak they now need the large bean plate.  Quickly we unsoaked them by shaking the water off in a strainer then rubbing them with dry rags to get them to shrink up enough to fit in the small pea plate. This makes a five to 15 minute job and turns it into an hour and a half.

  It works, peas are running through the plate, but it's sprinkling. Next I go for the lime. No way, it's up the road,all the while still sprinkling. We jump in the buggy and race for the lime .Back we come , sprinkles stop, but thunder is all around us. I spread the lime by hand and start the tiller to mix it in the soil. Two laps and it sputters and dies. No gas. And when I say no gas I mean no gas.

  I tell Rose to run for a can and off we go to get gas. My faith in this endeavor is waning faster than the weather. We make it back and splash some in the tank. We till the lime in. Now it's loud thunder and sprinkles.Quickley I go for the hand broadcast seed spreader. The seed size adjuster is broken. Duck tape to the rescue. I hand it to Rose and grabbed the spinach,turnips and kale. Grabbed the seeder from Rose and she has stuck her finger through my duct tape repair.

  The storm seems to be on us now. More tape and away we go. Seeding is done. Just by the seat of our pants. Wrong the sprinkles stop.

   All the rushing, running and diminishing dreams of peas and turnips turned out to before not.  No rain, no sprinkles nothing. Here it's two days later and we get a gentle soaking one inch of rain. Just what the seeds of fall have called for. Now if the heavy frosts hold off till November we will be picking peas and boiling turnips that will carry us through till spring.

                        Protein will be are next adventure. Here we are riding around Papees Farm

Shot of backyard

Little Rock Garden

Garden Pic

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