Thursday, September 27, 2012


  Rose has been baking some very fine apple pies for the last few weeks. She is a wiz in the kitchen. And loves baking with her own recipes. Most are surprisingly delightful. Occasionally  the chickens are there for the, shall we say boo-boos. Now it's time to make applesauce and do some canning of apples for pie filling till next fall.

   We have  about fifteen apple trees I planted years ago. Granny Smith along with  Red Delicious. We are totally organic therefore are fruits might not win any blue ribbons on looks. Yet once they are peeled and processed they will stand up to any in the taste category. The plan is for apple sauce or a pie for tonight's desert.

Gathering up some Granny Smiths

  It looks like we are going with a pie first off and I'm not disappointed. Rose has to make everything from scratch and all recipes are top secret. Only the dogs are allowed to watch and she swore them to secrecy. Believe me a good dog never tells.

   I  only got away with two shots of the actual undercover op. And of course the top crust had to be in place for I dare try. Yet I did discover a stencil she uses to trace the pie crust adornments. Pretty clever I must admit. First pic she never knew I was there.

One Secret on Film

Second pic doesn't go so well. Should have stayed put but just had to get to the front.

What are you doing? Busted

  Well into the oven it goes. And since MEMAL is coming for dinner this is going to be desert. It doesn't take long and the smell emitting from the old oven makes your mind dance in culinary delight. Between a pie and bread baking it is just a total time altering experience. I think of grandma's with the bread rising on the back of the cook stove. That dough and yeast smell you never forget not to mention the actual bread baking. And that first slice,the crust, my favorite smothered in apple butter. Oh my what a treat.

 I am allowed to take a pic of the finished product. Not her fanciest work. But like the apples it will stand with the best of them on taste. And sure enough it does.

The Smell is Captivating
By the way that is olive oil in the Ginger Brandy Bottle

   Well getting up late doesn't pay in the pie line. As the story goes the dogs got into it in the middle of the night. It's almost believable except with a bit of detective work, it seems the dogs actually took the time to fold up the saran wrap and put in the trash. . Now granted a dog can get blamed for many things, even sounds if your lucky enough he's close by. But this is just pushing my power of reasoning a bit too far.

What amazing animals!

  Now I was the last to bed and the pie was on the stove.  But the topper to the tale is the empty pie plate wound up on top of the the work table by who else but the dogs is just simply way too much for even me to swallow!!

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