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   After many years of hunting deer, living for the outdoors I've been unlucky enough to contract Lyme Disease. I have been quite careful over the years regarding this. I've also had three blood test over the last 15 years or so and all turned out negative. Yet this time I had a tick in the middle of a football sized em rash on my back. When the ER doctor gave me a prescription for ten days of doxycycline for my cellulitis I immediately felt that this an attempt at ER humor, but he was serious.
   With that diagnosis I immediately decided I would need to educate myself on Lyme disease.  After a few hours on the internet  it seemed as though I had entered a secret world. A world I never heard of. A world of multiple stories of victims that can't possibly live in the United States. Surly this has to be some totally underdeveloped nation. Maybe these are tales of long ago? Yet to my horror It's home and it's now and it's me!  Could my doctors have led me astray? Was it intentional or due to total ignorance of this horrific disease? Who is in charge of diseases in the U. S.? Surely their is someone to contact, isn't there?

    As my education continued some things became quite clear and disturbing. Lyme is begin belittled and subdued. But why? Why is the CDC, AMA and ISDA  allowed to be filled with people with such overwhelming conflicts of interest to be in control over testing and medications to prosecuting  the poor doctors trying to treat Lyme. Can it be possible that "cures" and "the doctor knows best" are destined to be a thing of days gone by?  It seems polio is the last cure  that comes to my mind?
   Has are medical system become so money driven by big pharmaceutical companies instead of the well being of us? The more I educated myself it doesn't look good for the "GOOD GUYS".  There is also a  huge problem with mis-diagnosis in this country. It seems MS, AUTISM, FIBROMYALGIA, PARKINSON, and ALZHEIMER'S are just some of the big name diseases being misdiagnosed by Lyme. Lyme and is co-infections can mimic well over 300 different diseases.

    Lyme disease I strongly believe will come to be know as one of  the most  misdiagnosed  diseases to plague all of mankind.
  Why are we not given the proper amounts of medication at the ER or GP'S office for a tick bite?
   Why is the myth of a bulls-eye rash still exist?
   Much research has been done. Why is it being suppressed?
  Why is your GP or ER Doctor more than likely not aware of any thing but what the CDC and IDSA  have established an promoted as the so called book on Lyme?
  Why are blood tests,so notoriously inaccurate, even being used? Why aren't we told the tests they do are for antibody's not Lyme?
  Why are dark field microscopes under such unjustly suppressive  regulations by our government  to render                           them unattainable for diagnoses in the U.S? You can actually see Lyme and its many forms with these.
    Why is are government along with many others suppressing plain science regarding Lyme?
    Why is the CDC and AMA and IDSA considered the enemy by Lyme victims?
    Why are physicians being prosecuted and threatened for treating Lyme with the complete backing and
 support of their  Lyme patients?                            
    Why don't I look like I feel with Lyme?
    I would like to shed light on some of my questions and others as they are asked as somewhat of an ongoing information link to Lyme and its co-infections. For you as the hunter,the fathers and the mothers of our future. This is a serious illness and I hope you and yours get the proper knowledge to avoid and care for Lyme in the advent of being unlucky as I.
  Yet not only from my view point but from others who are in this as I. From real life people, people with families, some with multiple members stricken, mothers who have passed this on from conception and sadly the children, my greatest fear for I am a father of a seven year old, and some with multiple generations, my father too has been stricken in the last two months. It's much to behold and try to understand. Can these questions be ask about other so called diseases or is it just this one disease? Or could this truly the beginning  of the end of the big pharmaceutical companies, the CDC along with the AMA?  Is it possible for the truth about Lyme to come to light?
   Now to try and answer some questions. With the help from some of my friends at M D JUNCTION in the Lyme Disease Support Group we will do are best.
   Part two will contain  more of the questions about Lyme that we are able to shed light on. Also it would be good to go back to some basic Lyme information that may correct some widely held beliefs. As a Lyme victim I'm taking for granted you have experience with Lyme and up to date on the so called facts. As you will see just one question can have a lot of information in the answer such as the one to dark field microscopy  can be quite in depth,  as given below thanks to BETTYG
     Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Report
The United States Department of Public Health Services (USPHS) appears to have mandated that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) -- a part of the Department Human Health Services (HHS) answerable to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) -- require that all human fluid analysis of any kind be done only by a CLIA certified technician under the supervision of a laboratory certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) organization.
CLIA is answerable directly to the CDC although their main function was legislated to be for the benefit of CMS. That function has grown to the point where CLIA certifies over a quarter of a million laboratory entities and technicians.
During the summer of 2010 the CDC and FDA collaborated to write new regulations to "protect the public" from what they consider to be "dangerous supplements."
The CDC agreed to improve the laboratory science to separate the "safe supplements" from the "dangerous supplements." CLIA was given the task to make that happen.
This has already resulted in a 10% increase in the number of laboratory entities and technicians since the summer of 2010 according to CLIA.
Implementing these regulations also required CLIA to increase the number of investigators hey have in each regulatory office around the USA.
The investigators have been charged with discovering and prosecuting "clandestine and illegal" laboratories and technicians.
By law, Dark Field Microscopy must be performed by a CLIA certified technician in a dark room situated within a CLIA certified facility or "entity."
A CLIA certified "entity" may be located anyplace as long as it is under the supervision of a CLIA certified facility.
There are five parts of this requirement:
1.You must be certified as a technician by CLIA
2.Your certification must include a dark field endorsement
3.You must use a Dark Field Microscope in dark mode
4.You must use that microscope in a dark "room" or space
5.You must do this within a CLIA approved and certified facility or entity.
These regulations have no authority over:
1. Light Field Microscopy
2.Using a Dark Field Microscope in light mode
3.Using a Dark Field Microscope in a "light room"
Claiming that you do Dark Field Microscopy is illegal whether what you do is legally and actually Dark Field Microscopy or not.
CLIA has the right to prosecute you using their attorneys and find you guilty -- using federal judges friendly to their cause -- if you violate their rules and regulations.
Simply claiming you do Dark Field Microscopy is an illegal act unless you are certified by CLIA and working in a CLIA certified laboratory.
It's better to become any other kind of microscopist except a Dark Field Microscopist.
By law, any person who analyzes human body fluids must be a CLIA certified technician or state licensed technician working in a CLIA certified laboratory. There are two major concerns:
1.To analyze means to appraise, assay, assess, consider, determine, diagnose, estimate, evaluate, examine, guess, investigate, judge, opine, research and study according to the CDC.
2.The human fluids to be analyzed by CLIA certified technicians includes but is not limited to blood, interstitial fluids, lymph, plasma, saliva, semen, sweat, urine and vaginal fluids.
There is nothing in these laws and regulations to prohibit any person from teaching other people how to analyze their own human body fluids. However, CLIA attorneys and investigators believe otherwise.
The problem is you may be innocent but you probably don't have enough money to prove you are innocent.
By law only licensed professionals have the right to advise, counsel, prescribe, recommend or suggest any remediation or intervention for any condition, concern, disease, disorder or symptom another person may be suffering.
If you have the appropriate license you can do these things. If you do not, you cannot do so legally.
The USPHS, CDC, HHS, CMS and CLIA do not have any rules or regulations concerning teaching and coaching others about their own bodily fluids. These agencies do not have any rules or regulations regarding teaching and coaching others concerning the use of a Light Field Microscope.
These agencies do not have any rules or regulations regarding teaching and coaching others concerning the use of a Dark Field Microscope in either light or dark field mode in a lighted room or space.
These agencies do not have any rules or regulations regarding teaching and coaching others concerning the use of a Dark Field Microscope if you refer to it as Light Field Microscopy -- or simply as "Microscopy."
Teaching is a process of demonstrating, explaining and helping others understand the subject matter.
The USPHS, CDC, HHS, CMS and CLIA do not have any rules or regulations that prohibit any person from teaching others unless that person is a CLIA certified technician or employed by a CLIA certified facility.
In other words, if you are CLIA certified or working in a CLIA certified facility then you must teach according to the rules and regulations set down by USPHS, CDC, HHS, CMS and CLIA regarding teaching.
If you are not CLIA certified and do not work in a CLIA facility you are not under the jurisdiction of CLIA -- and you can teach anybody about bodily fluids and microscopes.
Coaching is a process of empowering other people to make the important decisions in their lives. None of the above-mentioned federal agencies have any rules or regulations governing coaching.
1.By law, only CLIA certified technicians may do Dark Field Microscopy
2.By law, only CLIA certified technicians may claim to do Dark Field Microscopy
3.There are no CDC, HHC, CMS or CLIA regulations governing public use of Light Field Microscopy
4.There are no USPHS, CDC, HHS, CMS or CLIA regulations governing Light Field Microscopists
5.By law, only CLIA certified technicians or state or provincial licensed professionals may analyze human bodily fluids
6.There are no USPHS, CDC, HHS, CMS or CLIA regulations governing teaching fluid analysis
7.There are no USPHS, CDC, HHS, CMS or CLIA regulations governing coaching
Therefore, if you have been a dark field microscopist analyzing live blood or other human bodily fluids, I suggest you:
1.Stop doing Dark Field Microscopy or become CLIA certified
2.Become a Light Field Microscopist
3.Stop talking about Dark Field Microscopy
4.Start talking about Light Field Microscopy
5.Stop analyzing other people's blood or become CLIA certified
6.Teach other people how to analyze their own blood
7.Empower other people by coaching them to make their own decisions
One way to do this is to join a private nutrition association. For more information about this approach see Private Health Associations.
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